All the books are private. When I present the books publicly, I always ask permission in advance. Within the exhibition I always limit the accessibility to the books. For example, at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam book store, I installed all books in a bookcase of glass with a lock. I invited 40 people by a personal email. With instructions how they could get the key of the bookcase at the desk of Stedelijk, so they could be alone with the books and have an intimate and calm viewing experience. Printed publications 2016 “Souvenirjager”, by Merel Bem, De Volkskrant 2017 Twelve pages with images and a short description of the project, De Standaard 2021 “Eerste hulp bij het afscheidnemen van je oude huis”, by Pieter Hoexum, Trouw 2022 "Moderne kunst in de Eerste Kamer geeft een ‘lesje empathie’", door Henny de Lange, Trouw Exhibition / presentations 2015 Presentation of all books, bookstore Stedelijk museum Amsterdam 2015 Presentation of all books, Leipzig Spilleralei 2017 Presentation of all books, Rijksakademie Open 2018 Presentation of all books, Rijksakademie Open 2019 Presentation book 033, Vleeshal, Middelburg 2019 Presentation book 032, Stedelijk Schiedam 2020-now Book 037 permanently exhibited at new location Loyens and Loeff, Amsterdam 2021-now Boek 044 “Binnenhof 22” permanently exhibited at new temporary Dutch Senate, The Hague 2023 Presentation book 045 “Elandsgracht 98” Smit-Cruijff, with Hans Aarsman, Rob van der Straeten, Guno Reingoud, at Torpedo theater, Amsterdam Different editions are acquired for museum collections such as de Koninklijke Bibliotheek/National Library of The Netherlands Stedelijk museum Schiedam collection De Bruin-Heijn de Eerste Kamer/Dutch Senate Vleeshal, center for contemporary art