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Doorbells 2013 I remember there was a night in 2013 where I photographed the doorbell of every friend that was living in The Hague at that time. While taking the picture most of them were at home that night.
The world existed before I was born, the world will exist after I die.
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Average life span animals in human years Bat 24 years Bear 40 years Beaver 20 years Sheep 15 years Tiger 22 years Rabbit 9 years Pigeon 11 years Mouse 4 years Grizzly bear 32 years Goat 15 years Donkey 45 years Crocodile 45 years Hippopotamus 45 years Giant Tortoise 152 years Horse 40 years Fox 14 years Chipmunk 12 years Swan 10-12 years Ox 20 years Parrot 80 years Seal 20 years Wolf 18 years Squirrel 16 years Mouse 4 years Kangaroo 9 years Polar bear 20 years Lion 35 years Leopard 17 years Lobster 15 years Ant (Worker) half year Galapagos Land Tortoise 193 years Alligator 68 years Gorilla 20 years Chimpanzee 40 years
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You see it. Or you don't see it.
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Lazy activist, but most important, as you can see, an activist!
Focus can be the disease itself
Buiten spelen zou een vak op school moeten zijn. - Johan Cruijff
Can't wait till ego sickness will be seen as an official disease. Guess I have to wait some decades for this moment.
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