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Kunst is Lang interview door Luuk Heezen. Maart 2019

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Can't wait till ego sickness will be seen as an official disease. Guess I have to wait some decades for this moment.
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I lately see Instagram likes as price tags. Everything you see on Instagram, is presented with a certain judgement attached to it. You don’t only see the thing (photo / object / person depicted in the photograph) itself, but also what it’s “worth”, valued, for whatever reason, by others than yourself. Why should we all time know what others think about something? I think it makes it harder to observe something completely for yourself, and value something completely for yourself.
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Eerst publiekelijk iets “goeds” doen, en dan jezelf lanceren als een raket van egoïsme.
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Zoveel is al opgelost of is onderweg om opgelost te worden, maar het ego wil het verergeren zodat hij/zij zelf voor de oplossing/verlossing zorgt.
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